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Andy Langford

Useful article and a great example how SD provides a framework for analysis that covers so many bases. I agree with the conclusions - support local economies to develop so as to reduce the pull of the magnet.

How about using an osmosis metaphor for the US/Mex border - a semi-permeable membrane through which the direction and rate of flow is determined by the relative potency of the economies on either side?

All the best

Sam Rose


Thanks so much for your comment.

I like your osmosis metaphor. It seems that the "barriers" become what we collectively make them. The nature of the "barrier" reflects the nature of the people who construct it. So, this human "osmosis" is relavant to the theories constructed by Clare W. Graves, because he shows us why we construct these barriers in the way that we do, and why we change them the way that we do over time.

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