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Dr. Linda D. Misek-Falkoff

This is a very helpful article. I am looking to relate the pioneering Prof. Maslow and the very interesting current 'Spiral Dynamics' whether by comparison or contrast or otherwise, and think I need study Graves' work as bridge. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. The Abe Maslowe I knew and worked with for a time at Brandeis and in Waltham Mass. was not at all so rigid in his work as sometimes reported - in fact (this was just post Fire Island) far more flexible and expansive. I will continue my studies, and enjoy communications.

Thank you for this forum,

March 5, 2007
Dr. L. D. Misek-Falkoff
Director: The * Respectful Interfaces * Programme of The Commumnications Coordination Committee For The United Nations [NGO].
[email protected]

Mickey Berkal

Comming from the field of NLP, I've stumbled upon to ways of looking at values - one called it Values and the other Criteria.. in my search after the origins of NLP Trainers that use the term `values` I've reached Grave's theories of humand development and fonund it interesting, and then I reached this article.

I want to express my thanks and appriciation, this article was very enlighting for me, it was clear, well writen and simple to read (for a non-academic layman like me :-) )
so many many many thnaks for writing and making this article open on the web.

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